Why Hobby Lobby Is Bad For Business

Hobby Lobby. The infamous June 30, 2014 U.S. Supreme Court decision blew up on social media, blogging websites, and television satiric news programs. The plurality opinion[1] was controversial for numerous reasons such as: Women’s voices versus a corporate’ voice. Business owner’s exercising control over medical decisions. Secular companies having religious beliefs. And so on. Despite […]

How A $12 Contract Can Cost You $80,000 Or More, Part 4

LegalZoom Cannot Get Its Own Contract Right With Its Customers When you purchase a document from LegalZoom, you automatically execute a binding, legal contract with it, entitled “Legal Document Assistant Contract for Self-Help Services” (we’ll call it “Your LegalZoom Contract”).  After receiving such a contract when I bought LegalZoom’s General Agreement, I, of course, read […]

How A $12 Contract Can Cost You $80,000 Or More, Part 1

LegalZoom’s $12 Building Blocks After plunking down the twelve bucks for LegalZoom’s general agreement (the “General Agreement”), I expected it to ask me a few simple questions to get started.  You know, straightforward questions such as what is the contract about—is it about merchandise, a personal service, a piece of property, or what?  After all, […]