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Business Formation

The major reason behind forming an entity is to protect your personal assets from your company’s liabilities by creating a barrier between where you end and your company begins.

But what type of entity should you build? In California, the choice of entity that limits your personal liability are: Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Corporation (including the newly recognized B Corp and FPC).

While Corporations and LLCs offer the utmost protection, California does not afford certain professionals this protection. Such professionals include: accountants, acupuncturist, architects and contractors, attorneys, chiropractors, doctors, pharmacist, physical therapists, psychologists, and a few others. Fortunately, California does recognize the formation of Professional Corporations and California Limited Liability Partnerships.

What it takes to form a company…

Corporations:Limited Liability Companies:

  • Name Availability
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Statement of Information
  • Statement of Incorporator
  • Bylaws
  • Stock Certificates
  • First Meeting Minutes or Unanimous Written Consent In Lieu of First Meeting
  • Compliance with Federal and California Security Laws

  • Name Availability
  • Articles of Organization
  • Statement of Information
  • Operating Agreement (Single Member, Multi-Members, or Manager)

The Stambler Law Office provides a welcoming and instructive service to thoroughly analyze business formation options to best suit your and your partners’ needs.

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